Task Force Groups

At the end of the day, these task force groups are what make an organization what it really is.  These are group that will be working under the leadership and supervision of the Administrative team to carry out our missions and objectives.   This page to be completed with names of those who we have recruited to be in charged of these task force groups.

Finance & Membership Group – helping with all aspects of securing financial support for our organization.

  1. Grant Specialist – helping us securing fund via grant sources.
  2. Community Fundraising Specialist – helping us setting up funding raising event within our community.
  3. Membership Building Specialist – helping us building financial supporting membership.

Marketing & PR Group – developing a community member & supporter database and working closely with the Media Group.

Community Healthcare Group – helping us prompting community healthcare awareness and programs

Media Group – helping us getting our message to our community.

  1. Community T.V. program
  2. Community Monthly Newsletter
  3. Community Website & Facebook (etc)

Youth Outreach Groups – our children is our future and to have a great future; we must invest in our children.  We need your help desperately!

  1. Children Cultural Dance Troupe
  2. Singing Group
  3. Soccer Team
  4. Summer Tennis Camp
  5. Golfing 101 for Kids
  6. Scholarship Program
  7. Volunteering
  8. Summer School Tutoring

Vietnamese Cultural Promotion & Preservation Group

  1. King Hung Vuong Commemoration
  2. Black April Memorial
  3. Vietnamese Flag Day
  4. Moon Cake Children Festival
  5. Luna New Year TET
  6. Asian Festival

Elderly & New Comers Outreach Group

Vietnamese Women Supporting Group

Vietnamese Small Business Association